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Top 50 Desktop Themes, Screensavers and Wallpapers

Pelican Screensavers

Pelicans Screensaver
The friendly funny pelicans of Florida are featured in photos and videos. Theme also available.
(1660 Kb)

Pelican Rain Screensaver
a beautiful pelican waiting out the falling rain. a water and rain effect saver. sounds of falling rain are right for this scene. very peaceful and relaxing on a quiet afternoon. hope you will enjoy it.

Pelican Winamp Skins

Pelican Dock Winamp Skin
Matching winamp to desktop theme and hotbar.
(129 Kb)

Pelican Wallpapers

Pelican Pastel Wallpaper
Pelican Pastel wallpaper 800x600 is second in my series of nature pastel
(93 Kb)

Pelican Rain800 Wallpaper
matching wallpaper to my saver of the same name. very good looking on a desktop. hope you enjoy it.

Pelican Desktop Themes

Pelicans Desktop Theme
The friendly funny pelicans of Florida are featured in photos and animations. Animated screensaver also available.
(2423 Kb)

Pelican Dock Desktop Theme
A beautiful dock surrounded by pelicans is the creation of Paul Brent. Custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar and winamp available separately.

Pelican Dock Desktop Theme
comes with icons and sounds, art work by Paul Brent, enjoy

Pelican Hotbars

Pelican Dock Hotbar
Matching hotbar to desktop theme and winamp.

Pelicans Screensaver

Pelican Pastel Wallpaper

Humphrey Bogart Wallpaper

Metallica Screensaver

Coldplay wallpaper

A 4th Of July Gala Screensaver

A Wishii Screensaver

Amost Home Wallpaper

Jeri Ryan Desktop Theme

Running Screensavers

NHL Wallpaper

Temple of the Moon Screensaver

Blue Flowers 1 Screensavers

Beatles Wallpaper Screensaver Desktop Theme

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Lamborghini Screensaver

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Renee Zellweger Screensavers and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos screen saver

Salma Hayek Screensavers and Sarah Michelle Gellar Screen Savers

Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo Wallpapers